We are a leading production and distribution company in the European chemical products market. Formed by a team of skilled individuals working to promote excellence and deliver best results, Fourmag is prepared to offer high-quality technical support in a number of sectors to its clients and partners.




Ethics in its relations with the market and with society; credibility with its employees, clients, and suppliers; excellence in the production; absolute safety in the procedures and purchases made; and respect for the environment.


With 4,000 m2 of warehouse space and its own distribution fleet, following European standards for handling and transporting chemicals, Fourmag is prepared to respond to the demands of its clients in their various sectors.


FOURMAG provides a range of high-quality products and services, meeting demanding industry-defined standards.


FOURMAG promotes health and safety for its employees, clients, and all those who may come into direct and indirect contact with its products, in accordance with current legislation.


FOURMAG respects current environmental legislation and is committed to preventing pollution, thereby contributing to the preservation of natural resources with efficient and sustainable production.